The star by my head : poets from Sweden

The Star by My Head : Poets from Sweden (2014, Paperback)
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The Star By My Head: Poets from Sweden (Poets in the World)

And we kings and princes of the thousands possible within are ourselves subjects, trapped ourselves inside some larger creature, whose self and being we just as little know as our superior Sun and darkness perform actions as humanity serves as object:. Daylight struck the face of one who slept.

International Literature: Poets from Sweden

He received a livelier dream but did not wake. Suddenly it turned dark as in a downpour. I stood in a room that held every moment— a butterfly museum.

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Ngonstdes i rymden hnger mitt hjrta, gnistor strmma ifrn det, skakande luften, till andra mttlsa hjrtan. Already I have a sense of myself. I am not tame. The one wearing black rubber boots is me. Jag r en amma, skande och kck, jag r ett vatten, djupt men dristigt upp till knna, jag r eld och vatten i rligt sammanhang p fria villkor.

And still the sun is as strong as before. Its impatient brushes painted the world.

In total, the collection has four earlier modern Swedish poets and four early contemporary poets. Most of the poems in her selection are untitled and are taken from collections published between and They breathe lightly like aluminum They know the godforsaken places.

When I think of them, I am reminded of Chekhov who said: "that art exists to prepare the soul for tenderness. The history of poetry is a history of new connections.

Their intent is to make sudden connections between aspects of reality that conventional languages ordinarily keep apart. Large and small details of the landscape meet, divided cultures and people flow together in a work of art. Nature meets industry, etc.

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Published in partnership with the Poetry Foundation, The Star By My Head is a breathtaking anthology of poems featuring eight of Sweden's most highly. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Any book contextualizing the sheer brilliance and intense interiority "The Star By My Head: Poets from Sweden provides an excellent introduction to the tradition of Modern lyric Swedish poets, poetry, and how.

I won't be able to see things happen as inferences in Sweden has always been wide open being places and they can of course come from other. It's named after a Chinese Cultural.

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And it's Untitled.