The Seventh Gate (The Death Gate Cycle, Book 7)

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I had to find a way to add a footnote of some kind in a Death Gate Cycle review. Your email address will not be published.

A Death Gate Novel

Book 1: Dragon Wing The first book is called Dragon Wing and starts off as an introduction to the main characters and the setting of the world. Book 4: The Serpent Mage I have very few complaints about this one. Book 7: The Seventh Gate A terribly disappointing end to what started out as an awesome series. They were building up to it for the entire story.

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We needed to experience what happened to Hugh. Leave Marit out of it.


But the last thing you need in the final book of a seven-book saga is to introduce some random character, try to make your audience feel for her, and give her point of view more precedence than the other characters who we were already close to. The only relevance she had to the story was the way Haplo grew from his relationship with her.

Death Gate Cycle Book 2, Elven Star (Review as Read 74)

Ditch Zifnab. The guy had no point.

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The only reason to use him in the story was a throw-back to Fizban and to help explain things that the author was too lazy to bother with. He ruined the idea of the greater powers of Good vs. Evil beyond the Sartan vs.

The Death Gate Cycle novels

The Seventh Gate book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Seventh Gate is the thrilling conclusion to the New York Time. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Thousands of pages have been spent getting to this seventh and final book in the massive Death Gate Cycle (Into .

Leave out the crazy guy who ruins the immersion of your story. Bring on the intelligent good dragons to fight the dragon snakes.

A Death Gate Novel Series

Deal with Xar before getting inside the Seventh Gate. Have Alfred go to the Seventh gate alone, have the Greater Power raise Haplo to help him, Haplo has to shut Xar out of the Seventh Gate without knowing what his Lord was planning while he was dead, and then we see true character development.

The way it was done instead was a cheap and shoddy end. Ramu just gives up from a dog bite?

Death Gate Cycle Review

The Patryn vs. Sartan conclusion could have been SO much better. I did not waste that much of my time reading all these books for an ending like that. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I hope some day a worthy movie series will result and dazzle the world with this timeless story. Loved the dragonlance series, but this last book is 8 bucks for pages. And there's typos and it's a very old series. Not bothering with the other series by these authors since it's price gouging.

Even the other books were a lot for being older books.

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