Language wars : the role of media and culture in global terror and political violence

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Typologies of Terrorism and Political Violence

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About this course. Politics and society are undergoing rapid and fundamental change. The rise of social media has empowered individuals to voice their opinions and interact with each other in completely new ways. People can instantly rally like-minds behind them, or attack while hiding behind a virtual persona. Changes can be seen too in the impact of globilisation and global corporations such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. And in the new forms of political engagement and of politicians themselves, both marks of our modern era.

Drawing on political theory, political sociology, media and cultural studies, research methods, linguistics and legal studies, our MA Media and Cultural Politics invites you to study such changes in depth and detail. You will reflect on and explore the emerging social and political order. Course Profile.

Global Challenge 10

Course Structure Our MA course is full time and lasts one year. Independent study Developing your ability to conduct independent study is absolutely central to this course.

Teaching Research Business Journalism. The rise of cultural and media studies, themselves shaped by the changing character of systems of communication and entertainment, has prompted detailed consideration of the power of cultural and media forms, whether as sites of oppression and manipulation or of expression and resistance. Such concerns have served to challenge as has feminism, for example traditional accounts of human action and traditional definitions of the political realm. This MA module provides an introduction to, and an exploration of, the issues and debates that shape the study of Media and Cultural Politics.

The first part of the unit is devoted to understanding the ideas behind the development of cultural politics and the politics of media. The second part explores particular issues that arise from these fields and draws upon the research interests of those teaching these sessions. How do I start doing my own, independent research? How do I collect my own data? How do I analyze it? This module offers postgraduate students exposure to a variety of theoretical and methodological tools, providing them with the toolkit required to perform their own, independent research.

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The module offers a basic training in social research methods, providing flexibility to meet different needs and interests. There are opportunities to learn skills in R the fastest growing software for data analysis for statistical analysis of large datasets, as well interviewing, document analysis, research uses of electronic media, devising a research proposal, writing a research report and oral presentations.

You will learn to evaluate research methods from the perspectives of ethics, methodology, and practicality. The overall goal of the module is to provide you with the tools to undertake your own research, as you begin your post-graduate studies. However, the analytical and methodological skills you will acquire would be helpful both in your academic and non-academic employment opportunities. Students are required to write a dissertation of 10, words on a topic approved by the Course Director or other authorised person.

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The dissertation is to be submitted the first working day of September in the relevant year. This module will use case studies of Southeast Asia, Central America and the Middle East to explore the reasons for American interventions and to assess their success or failure. It will offer an historical understanding of the assumptions and practices which lie behind contemporary US foreign policy-making.

The module will introduce students to the institutions and processes involved in the making of American foreign policy. The transatlantic axis that used to run the world can see its power slipping away.

Can Asia lead the world? What would world under Pax Sinica look like and can it coexist with Pax Americana? World history is not linear, there are ups and downs as well as twists and turns. China is re-emerging, the Indian Ocean Rim is again at the centre of world action as old trade routes are being renewed by emerging powers, and the US appears to return policies of isolationism.

The Loaded Language of Genocide, Political Violence, Terrorism, and Warfare

These are the kinds of question that we address with Language Issues in a Global Multilingual Context. Faculties and Schools. Assessment All applications for postgraduate study are processed through the Faculty Admissions Office and forwarded to the relevant School of Study for consideration. General Assembly, former U. The conventional approach in International Relations has been to treat terrorist organizations as "non-state" actors of international relations. The MEK targeted and killed dozens of military and political figures as well as civilians during the Shah era. Mill and the judicial decisions of Oliver Wendall Holmes.

Former US Secretary of State Kissinger argues that the world is in a perilous condition, verging on international anarchy. The global economy's centre of gravity is shifting from West to East, the Global South increasingly challenges the balance of power of North Atlantic hegemony, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank points to alternative systems of global governance.

Will international governance be transformed through stronger regional blocs, new South-South alliances, and the progress of international institutions such as the BRICS Development Bank?

Visual Language Is Language: The Importance of Reading the Pictures in Visual Culture

The news media across the world love violence and blood. From bank robberies, serial killers and school violence to earthquakes, riots and war the newsworthiness of stories associated with some form of human suffering, individual or collective acts of destruction, dominate news coverage. It draws on existing empirical research in order to enable students to design their own research on media representations, as part of the module and in preparation of their final dissertation.