Advances in Botanical Research, Vol. 29

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Advances in Botanical Research, Volume 30

Thanks in advance for your time. Skip to content. Mahamane Nov. Deore and Gaykhe R. ISSN Deore, Salve S. Kadam Antifungal activity of the essential oils of Eucalyptus against Ground nut storage fungi. Medhane and V. Kadam Seasonal variation in chlorophyll content of leaves of some tree species of medicinal importance from Baglan region of Nashik , India.

Wadikar and V. Kadam Survival ability of resistant isolates of Macrophomina phaceolina in mixed population.

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Kadam ,S. Bhagwat and V. Gaikwad Determination of alkaloids,amino acids and protein content in leaves of ten medicinal plants of Laling forest, Dhule district Maharashtra World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 4 10 , Kadam , Salve S. Kadam, Salve S.


Deore ,Khandare K. International Journal of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Research. Deore and V. Gaikwad and V. Journal of Advance in Applied Science and Technology 1, 1 , ISSN: Kadam Estimation of Chlorophyll pigments and seasonal variation in the leaves of some medicinal plants of Nashik region M. Perspective in Life Science. Samyak Scientific Publication, Nashik. ISBN Page Don sadaphuli as a Biocontrol. Sunanda Salve and K.

National Research Council

Diagrammatio transverse sections of various levels of the aerial part of an arborescent lycopod; primary xylem solid black , secondary xylem radiating lines , peridenn broken radiating lines. The gstu13 mutants were more susceptible to several pathogens and were impaired in callose deposition induced by the bacterial flg22 epitope. Single seed-scale complex of E m t d o d e n d r o n JZe'cifop. S locus genes and the evolution of self-fertility in Arabidopsis thaliana. H Value of Combinetione of Chamters

Journal of Pharmacy and Natural Medicines Vol. S and V. Kadam ,Momin R. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Research. Kadam , M. Mali ,V. Wadikar, Sumia Fatima and R. Mali, U. Momin , M. Wadikar and S. Kadam and M. Kadam , K. Gaikwad, V. Sonawane and M. S and Momin R. Momin R. Tambe S. Ahire, Shinde H. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Biosciences, 2 2 International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Biosciences, 1 4 : Tambe, ShailajaDeore, P.

Ahire and V.

Call for papers: Genome editing in plants

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Biosciences , 1 4 Momin ,Sumia Fatima , P. Sonawane ,R. Saler, M. Sonawane and V.

Asteraceae Developmental Biology and Secondary Metabolism

Momin and V. Tambe , ShilajaDeore and V. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Biosciences , 1 3 : Momin ,Sumia Fatima and V. Du, M. Son, M. Yun, S. An, and I. Chung , Microphytobenthic biomass and species composition in intertidal flats of the Nakdong River estuary, Korea , Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science , vol. Dupuy, C.


Mallet, K. Guizien, H.

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Heip, M. Vincx, and G. Heip, R. Huys, and R. Herlory, J.

Guarini, P. Richard, and G. Blanchard , Microstructure of microphytobenthic biofilm and its spatio-temporal dynamics in an intertidal mudflat Aiguillon Bay, France , Marine Ecology Progress Series , vol. Kapusta, N. Bemvenuti, and C. Lalana, R.

Rueda, and F. Lavergne, L. Beaugeard, C. Courties, and H.